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Destiny 2 Reveal and More!

It is our first podcast episode! So excited to finally be in production with my awesome team. This week we chat the latest news which you can see in the show notes below, plus hands-on time with Prey, Persona 5, Dreadnought, and more. It was also the gameplay reveal of Destiny 2! Steimer and I were at the event and got lots of new info.

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Show notes:
Date: May 18, 2017

04:00 – SEGMENT 1: NEWS
-Ubisoft announces Far Cry 5 and The Crew 2
→ Assassin’s Creed first look coming at E3
-Nintendo Direct for ARMS
-Nintendo Reportedly Developing Zelda Smartphone Game
-Public Passes to E3 are SOLD OUT!
-Witcher getting a Netflix series
-South Park gets a new release date
37:37 – SEGMENT 2: Hands-ON

Alexa: Fire Emblem Heroes
Britt & Steimer: Persona 5
Andrea: Dreadnought for PS4 new cop-op mode Havoc and finished Prey

01:15:00 – SEGMENT 3: Grab bag!
Destiny 2 reveal event

01:36:05 SEGMENT 4: Off Topic
This segment will normally be about stuff that is non-games related, but this week we chat about our history in video games and how we met each other!

Weekend Confirmed #120: Skyrim Dawnguard, Day-Z, Diablo III, and more!

Despite the summer’s dearth of new releases, the Weekend Confirmed crew get into some spirited discussions about Diablo 3’s questionable end-game, and what it’s like to be a vampire in Skyrim‘s new expansion, Dawnguard. Garnett, Jeff Cannata and Jeff Mattas,and regular guest Andrea Rene also delve into some talk about the Day-Z beta mod that brings hardcore zombie survival to ArmA 2, and opine a bit about ZombiU and Sim City Social as well. The eclectic mix of topics all wraps up with another batch of Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 120: 07/06/2012

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