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EA Leaves E3?! I’ve got the details on “GND Weekly”

This week on Gamer Next Door Weekly I’ll run down the free games for February Xbox Live Gold and Playstation Plus, get you details on the new Call of Duty DLC “The Awakening,” bring you an update about what is happening with EA at E3, and give you a sneak peek at “The Homefront: The Revolution” closed beta!

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GND Weekly: “The Division” Beta, New “Far Cry Primal” Trailer, and More!

This week I bring you news about Tom Clancy’s The Division open beta, the release of Far Cry’s Primal trailer, info on Mortal Kombat XL and a special edition of New Nintendo 3DS XL. Remember to tweet at @andrearene with the #GNDWeekly to be featured on next week’s episode!

Gamer Next Door Weekly with Andrea Rene

THIS IS SO EXCITING! I am proud to announce a new weekly show with Playboy’s Gamer Next Door! You all know Playboy, but you probably didn’t know about their incredible video game content.

I’m joining the team to bring you weekly gaming news in addition to the Let’s Plays, livestreams, previews, and other great content you can find on Gamer Next Door.

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Check out the new home of my show: GT News!

Hi everyone! You may have noticed my show has been offline for a few weeks, but that was just because we were getting ready for its new home! GameTrailers.com and The Escapist teamed up to create GT News on YouTube, the new home of my show of the same name, Editorial Reports, GT Reviews, and more! Please subscribe if you haven’t already and thanks for all your continued support!

Dragon Age: Inquisition Release Date Announced, Deluxe Edition Detailed

Dragon Age: Inquistion announced a release date: October 7th, yes, the same day as Shadows of Mordor and Alien: Isolation.


In addition to the new gameplay Bioware and EA also announced the Digital Deluxe edition that includes various in-game items like the Skyhold Throne, a chair made from dragon skull. Two different mounts, the Red Hart Halla and the Bog Unicorn. You also get the digital soundtrack and additional digital content to be announced.

But the really useful stuff is the gear, including the Flames of the Inquisition weapons like daggers or a war hammer, the Inquisitor armor, and another armored mount. It will cost $69.99 on Origin so that’s $10 bucks extra for all the digital content for those doing the math.

You can play the game this fall on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 or of course PC. If you want to learn more about Inquisition check out my preview here!

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Assassin’s Creed: Unity Confirmed!

Ubisoft has come forward to confirm that yes, Assassin’s Creed: Unity is a real game, and yes, it is set in France.


In fact, they said the Templars that leaked those screens seen here, can Qu’ils mangent de la brioche! Or let them eat cake.

The screen shots show an assassin reportedly named Arno set against the backdrop of Paris. Kotaku sources hint that the game is set during the French Revolution, and I can confirm that my sources say the same.

The short teaser they released confirms this with shots of Notre Dame and the iconic guillotine. But Ubisoft is saying nothing more about the game, except, that it is coming to next-gen only. I’m going to assume that means also for PC but 360 and PS3 owners are out of luck.

Xbox One: Thoughts about the Reveal

Unless you are living under a rock you heard about the reveal of Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One. I am hesitant to call it a gaming console because during their reveal event, Microsoft focused on home entertainment as opposed to video games. This has quite a few fans up in arms over what we will truly be able to expect from the device. I spoke at length, on several different shows about my feelings about the new Xbox.

To say I don’t have an opinion, is pretty far off base. But if you are looking for me to drag Microsoft through the mud, best find yourself another blog to read or watch.

First, some details on the device:

GameTrailer’s Bonus Round:

The Bonus Round guests Andrea Rene, Garnett Lee, and Alex Abrecht along with host Geoff Keighley highlight the memorable moments and missteps of the Microsoft Press Conference.


Smosh Games Gamer Nation:

I join Lasercorn, The Jovenshire, and Sohinki talking about Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal:

Weekend Confirmed:

Jeff Cannata is a man on an island (a Hawaiian one, that is), which leaves host Garnett Lee to captain the S.S. Weekend Confirmed alone. He’s joined this week by his hardened crew of “Indie” Jeff Mattas, the Escapist’s Andrea Rene, and Double Jump’s Christian Spicer. Their destination: The fabled isle of Xbox One. The team discusses Tuesday’s reveal event, what we know about the new console, and dive into the pile of unknowns and what-if’s. After discussing the hardware, features, and rumors, everyone discusses reader reaction and how the Xbox One will fare against stiff competition from Sony and Nintendo. The show ends with some non-Xbox related Finishing Moves.


The bottom line: We won’t know the full picture on Xbox One or PS4 until after E3.

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