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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Beta Gameplay!

In this special edition of GND Weekly I play EA’s upcoming prequel Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. I spoke¬†with Audio Director of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst James Slavin to talk about the sounds of Mirror Edge, gameplay mechanics, and more.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst launches May 24th for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. Game on!

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Battlefield: Hardline Gameplay Trailer Leaked!

New gameplay trailer leaked from the upcoming Battlefield: Hardline. The game is being developed by Visceral Games was slated to debut at E3 this year. It started with a leak from the Battlelog site captured by Battlefield Daily. They tweeted out weapons, vehicles, and achievement icons from the game and then came the lengthy trailer.


Instead of being in the middle of a warzone, players will be in an urban setting in this police focused shooter. From the explanation in the trailer, it appears that you’ll be able to play as either the police or the criminals. There are a variety of modes like Heist Mode where you can play as the cops trying to take the criminals down or the robbers trying to get away with some loot. Then there is Rescue Mode where you save hostages, Hotwire Mode which is essentially a car chase, or Bloodmoney Mode where both cops & criminals battle it out to take home the cash.

According to commentary on the trailer, the single-player campaign, “draws influence from popular television cop dramas, with each level structured like an episode, cliffhangers and all.” Each episode can be played multiple times in multiple ways. It features actors from popular TV series like Justified, The Americans, and House of Cards.

And because this is Battlefield, that means lots of destruction, guns and vehicles. EA dubbed their environmental destruction “Levelolution” due to it’s effect on gameplay and it will be interesting to see what happens in these close quarters of the city. There will also be lots of guns that you can customize including police focused weapons like tasers, and a new emphasis on gadgets like a police scanner and grappling hooks. And the vehicles are in full force with armed choppers, police cruisers, counter-attack trucks, boats, motorcycles, and more.