Come see me at PAX Prime 2015!

I have the honor of being on a panel in Seattle this weekend at PAX Prime 2015 with some really awesome chicks! We will be talking about how games influence our lives for the better and would love you to join us!

Friday August 28th @ 12:00 p.m. PT in the Sphinx Theater

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The Power of Games: How Gaming Influences our Lives for the Better.

As an impactful interactive art form, video games have influenced our lives in a variety of ways, sometimes even shaping who we are as people. This panel will look at specific examples of how video games have influenced our childhood, and how they continue to impact our adulthood. We’ll share why video games make us better people and help bring us together as a community.


Andrea Rene [Host, GameStop TV], Paola Alejandra [CEO / Founder,], Brittney Brombacher [CEO / Founder,], Becky Taylor [Freelance marketing consultant], Alexa Ray Corriea [Editor, Gamespot]

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One thought on “Come see me at PAX Prime 2015!”

  1. This was the first panel I attended at this year’s PAX Prime and it was a lot of fun. It was great hearing everybody’s story about how videogames hooked you and shaped who you are.

    I thank you and all the other women dearly for sharing your stories. Hope to see you host more panels like this in the future!!

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