Farewell GT News

If you follow me on Twitter or are subscribed to the GT News YouTube channel, you probably have seen that the show has been cancelled. :( #sadpanda

Defy Media had a round of layoffs in January that resulted in GameTrailers losing some key staff members that were essential to the continuation of the show. Instead of trying to soldier on without them, the team decided to throw creative and financial resources into GT’s original content and event coverage.  GT News has now become GT Reviews! (Watch the video for details)

I’ll still be working with GameTrailers on previews, hands-on impressions, and event coverage but if you want to stay up-to-date on my daily activities be sure to follow me on Twitter @andrearene.


Check out the new home of my show: GT News!

Hi everyone! You may have noticed my show has been offline for a few weeks, but that was just because we were getting ready for its new home! and The Escapist teamed up to create GT News on YouTube, the new home of my show of the same name, Editorial Reports, GT Reviews, and more! Please subscribe if you haven’t already and thanks for all your continued support!


New Mass Effect Details and First Look at the Mako!

I went to Bioware’s Mass Effect panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 where they revealed the first new details about the next game in the franchise. First, it’s NOT “Mass Effect 4.” Next, the Mako is returning! Check out the video for a first look at the conceptual footage and learn more details.


Guardians of the Galaxy Gameplay Preview – Disney Infinity 2.0

I went to San Diego Comic-Con 2014 where I got the chance to sit down with Disney Infinity 2.0 Producer Matt Solie. He showed me the new Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set in the Marvel Super Heroes themed game, along with showcasing the new playable characters including Groot and Rocket Raccoon!